How Will I Know If He Really Loves Me (in Jane Austen’s world)

  1. He asks your opinion about his house/grounds/etc.
  2. He tells you secrets about his family.
  3. He tells you nothing but the truth (even if it’s hard for you to hear).
  4. He wants you to improve your character (b/c men of sense do not want silly wives).
  5. He praises you to his family/friends/tenants/etc.
  6. He (secretly) helps your family out in a time of great trouble and takes no credit for it.
  7. He reads the books you suggested to him.
  8. He reads you poetry (with feeling).
  9. He dances with you (though he generally dislikes dancing).
  10. He buys you a horse.
  11. He writes you long letters.
  12. He puts you in a carriage when he sees you’re tired from a v. long walk.
  13. He says there is no one more capable than you (of handling a tough situation).
  14. He is concerned about the happiness of your lady friends.
  15. He brings your mother to see you when you have fallen ill.
  16. He (secretly) buys just-the-right-size pianoforte for your little house.
  17. He says he’ll live with you in your father’s house so the old man can be more comfortable.
  18. He rides through the rain to see you.
  19. He goes against the wishes of his family to be with you.
  20. He puts up with your (ill-mannered/unbalanced/scandalous) relatives.


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