Things I Learned from Jane Austen… Part 2

  1. Trees can be “touched with inimitable spirit.”  -Mr. Elton (What a nut!)
  2. “If a woman doubts, she ought to refuse” [a proposal]. –Emma Woodhouse
  3. A man “may talk sentimentally, but act rationally- he knows the value of a good income.” -Mr. Knightley
  4. “If you cannot think of anything polite to say, you shall restrict your remarks to the weather.” -Mrs. Dashwood
  5. A typical “morning call” (social visit) lasted less than 15 minutes.
  6. “When one’s in company all time [in a public place] it is impossible to form a just impression [of someone].”  -Jane Fairfax
  7. “What’s right to be done cannot be done too soon.” –Mr. Weston
  8. “What is the good of wealth and luxury where there is no true happiness?” –Mr. Frank Churchill
  9. “There is safety in reserve, but no attraction.  One cannot love a reserved person.” -Mr. Frank Churchill
  10. “All young people will have their little whims…” –Miss Taylor (AKA Mrs. Weston)
  11. “Houses go from father to son, not father to daughter.” –Miss Dashwood (AKA Elinor)
  12. “A set of Irish melodies- that betokens true affection…” –Mr. Frank Churchill
  13. Many counties are called “garden of England”- Surrey, Kent, Isham, etc.
  14. “You mustn’t be an enemy to every marriage.” –Mr. Weston
  15. Some guys are fun to spend time with, but “not necessary for [your] happiness.”
  16. Some couples are “made to stand up together” [on the dance floor].
  17. Strawberries- the finest fruit in England!
  18. Great men can be eccentric.
  19. “Men have eyes- they torment us enough.” –Capt. Tilney (LOL- What a lil playa!)

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