P&P lines (Part 3: The End)


“Oh, Jane, do not you see that more things have been ruined by this than Lydia’s reputation?” –Lizzie laments to Jane after they learn of Lydia’s elopement w/ Mr. Wickham


“We cannot be too guarded in our behavior toward those of the opposite sex who are… undeserving.”

–Mary to her sisters after Lydia’s elopement


“Too bad I couldn’t take all my sisters to Brighton- I could’ve got husbands for you all!” –Lydia exclaims after her marriage to Mr. W. 

“I don’t particularly like your way of getting husbands.” –Lizzie retorts


“Perhaps if I am very lucky… I will one day meet with another Mr. Collins!” –Lizzie jokes with Jane after Jane’s engagement to Mr. Bingley


“…he [Mr. Darcy] is a gentleman; I am a gentleman’s daughter. We are equals!” –Lizzie exclaims to Lady Catherine (Darcy’s aunt)


“But what else do we live for but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?” –Mr. Bennett to Lizzie


“He [Mr. Darcy] is truly the best man I have ever known.” –Lizzie says to Mr. B.


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