It’s alright to be an American Idol drop-out…

I stopped watching AI a LOOOONG time ago, so I didn’t know about country singer Bucky Covington, a finalist (8th place) from Season 5!  Browsing on iTunes, I’m getting to know a little bit about some REALLY good new country singers.  Bucky (I find the name a bit humorous) now has his first CD out and two music videos on CMT.  And just like Alan Jackson, he’s got the slightly long, light blonde hair and mustache. 


On an early 2007 Larry King interview, Bucky said that he still “loves” AI, but considers some of it “comedy” (like the success of William Hung).  Three cheers to Bucky for surviving the (very weird for small town NC guy, no doubt) AI experience and coming out with positive attitude and of course- success!  Mark Miller (from the band Sawyer Brown, and a great stage performer) has a young son who LOVED Bucky on AI, and was mad that he got voted off… so he asked his dad to call him up.  That’s how the record deal happened- cool!


That was then…




 American Idol Clips: (Best I Ever Had – originally sung by Gary Allan) (Real Good Man– originally sung by Tim McGraw) (Thunder Rolls – made very famous by Garth Brooks) (Part 1 of interview about the AI experience; can see his personality here!) (Part 2 of interview- Wow, what a transformation!)

This is now…




Music Videos: (Good To Be Us – a fun rock/country song) (A Different World – a song that my generation and a BIT older can relate to!)



2 thoughts on “It’s alright to be an American Idol drop-out…

  1. That Bucky is humorous and very down to earth/salt of the earth kind of guy. I wish him all the success in the world. I really like his whole CD.


  2. Thank you so much for your mention of Bucky Covington. I am a huge fan and very impressed with his success, song choices and the way he treats his fans. Bucky has not forgotten where he came from and how he got there. He is gracious and very appreciative to everyone he comes into contact with.
    I have had the opportunity of meeting him on many occassions from Florida to NC. He is the real thing…what you see is what you get, and he truly has the best hair in country music!

    If your interested, please view my “bucky” channel on go fish and see some of his live performances. His next single “I’ll Walk” …you must view that one, it will start for you.

    Please vote for Bucky on CMT online for 2008 award show!


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