Nate Parker

Isn’t it a BIT hard to believe that this hottie was a computer programmer!?  Nate Parker has the natural leading man qualities that will (hopefully) put him under the Hollywood spotlight.  If it’s been a while since you’ve been excited about a young actor (he’s just late 20s), check him out.

I first saw him on Oprah last November, and was wowed! You can watch him in The Great Debaters and Pride (both based on true stories).  It’s a tough job to go toe-to-toe w/ Denzel, but this young actor is up to the task.  And his smile- yowza!   



His co-stars Denzel Whitaker (still a teen, very sweet, and convincing in his role) and Jurnee Smolett (yes, Eve from the awesome Eve’s Bayou) are JUST as good!  You can check out part of the Oprah (she produced The Great Debaters) interview here:

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