Movie Review: “Gone Baby Gone”




Sorry to you Mystic River fans, but this film (also set in Boston) is much, much better!  I watched Gone Baby Gone last week, and was on the edge of my seat (for most of the time).  Ben Affleck is the director/co-writer of the screenplay, and his little brother, Casey Affleck is the (unassuming) star.  Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris just melt into their roles, as usual.  Rising young star Michelle Monaghan, though dressed quite drably, looks sweet and has a strong/quiet presence.  She and Casey looked like the real couple next door (if you happen to live in the working-class, Irish Catholic suburb of Dorchester).  The casting is superb; all the main characters are individual entities.  Each of them gets a moment to shine in their role.  






As the film opens, 31 y.o. Patrick Kenzie (Affeck) can’t seem to tear his attention from the news coverage of a local missing girl  (5 year-old Amanda McCready).  He feels like “someone from the neighborhood” can contribute to the police investigation.  He and Angie Gennaro (Monaghan) live together and work as private detectives.  Then suddenly, the aunt and uncle of the girl show up at his door looking for help. 







The detectives tell the couple that they have little experience with this type of case, but the family wants them; they’re not cops and know the ‘hood. Patrick, though hesistant at first, thinks he can “supplement” the official investigation, as he tells Capt. Jack Doyle (Freeman).  Doyle (who lost his own daughter in a kidnapping) thinks that Patrick is too young, not to mention inexperienced, to get himself into something like this.  In no time, baby-faced Patrick and the reluctant Angie are neck deep into some serious stuff!  They meet up with drug dealers, addicts, and pedophiles.  There is also a mysterious Cajun cop named Remy Bressant (Harris) to deal with. They’re in way over their heads, but committed to finding Amanda. 






 When Patrick and Angie solve the case, life gets even more difficult!  They are faced with a moral problem that may change their lives.   Who do you agree with- Patrick or Angie?  (It’s not so easy!)   This is a very thought-provoking film- it stays with you.  Check it out ASAP!





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