Thoughts on yesterday’s “AI” and more…

Goodbye Scott:
Scott McIntyre from Scottsdale, AZ
Scott McIntyre from Scottsdale, AZ


Scott was so polite and sweet on Idol- a good role model for teens and young adults.  He didn’t let his visual limitations limit how hard he worked.  IMHO Scott was great on piano, BUT his vocals need more work.  I think he improved week by week.  When it got down to Anoop and Scott, I knew that Scott would be the one w/ less votes.  (It was about 30,000 less.)  

Scott sings and plays the piano- what a guy!
Scott sings and plays the piano- what a guy!


Paula looked QUITE sad when it was time for Scott to go.  His family was on pins and needles until the end of the show, BUT you could see the pride on their faces.  How can anyone NOT cheer for this guy!?  He was poised and mature, unlike MANY past contestants on Idol.  And like him, I have slightly messy/wavy hair and come from AZ (Tucson).  I wish him all the best; Scott showed class in a tough situation! 

Kellie Pickler looking GLAM!
Kellie Pickler looking GLAM!


It was COOL to see Kellie Pickler (from small town North Carolina) looking so cute and confidant on AI last night.  I downloaded her song “Best Days of Your Life” today (along with a few others from AI).  She’s touring w/ Taylor Swift- country’s biggest star right now! 

What I’m watching:



Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Tony in Saudi Arabia
Tony in Saudi Arabia


This Travel Channel show can be fun AND informative.  Recently, Tony (a chef for MANY yrs/native NYer) went to a big city near the sea- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with Dahnya (a woman filmmaker raised in North Dakota and Saudi Arabia).  He’s NOT afriad to try foods that MOST Americans consider “weird,” such as camel.  This lady was young, bubbly, and willing to try WILD foods along w/ Tony.  Saudis are NOT what we imagine them to be, Tony learned.  They can be VERY welcoming to visitors, as hospitality is a HUGE part of the culture.


BallyK (small town Ireland)
BallyK (quirky/small town Ireland)


Series 1 of this Irish drama is being rerun on Maryland Public TV.  I NEVER get tired of this show, especially Seasons 1 & 2!  My mom LOVES it, too.







Little Mosque on the Prairie

Season 1 (2 DVD set)
Season 1 (2 DVD set)


This is a comedy show you can watch w/ your family from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).  Season 1 DVD set is available online; Seasons 2 & 3 will be out this September.

The Tudors

King Henry VIII & Lady Jane Seymour
King Henry VIII & Lady Jane Seymour


I just watched some interviews, clips, and the first ep of Season 3 of this Showtime drama on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).  The cast is pretty to look at, as well as pretty good actors (Jonathan Rhys Meyers is VERY intense!), BUT the dialogue is not as sophisticated as I expected.  It’s NOT completely historically accurate, either; events occur faster than in real life.  But the show is engaging… 

Henry (Rhys Myers) & Cromwell (Frain)
Henry (Rhys Meyers) & Cromwell (Frain)


I especially look forward to seeing more of James Frain (who plays the intelligent/scheming Thomas Cromwell).  I like this actor’s ability to fit into many different roles; he also has an interesting face. 

Sir Thomas More (Northam): an idealist in the court
Sir Thomas More (Northam): an idealist in the court who died for his beliefs


If you look back at Seasons 1 & 2, you’ll see MORE fine actors: Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam, and Maria Doyle Kennedy.            

Queen Catherine, orig from Spain (Doyle Kennedy)
Queen Catherine (Doyle Kennedy)- originally from Spain; she was supplanted by younger lady-in-waiting, Anne Boleyn





Pics from yesterday:

Around 7PM
Around 7PM on WED April 8, 2009


Close-up of sunset
Close-up of sunset

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