Game of Thrones: Season 5, Episode 8 (“Hardhome”) – Memorable Lines

Killing and politics are not always the same thing.  -Tyrion explains to Dany

My concern is that The Faith does not adhere to the same standards of proof as The Crown.  If you’ll excuse me for saying, belief is so often the death of reason.  -Qyburn says when visiting Cersei in her jail cell


I rose him up.  I made him.  I will not kneel before some barefooted commoner and beg his foriveness! Cersei says of The High Sparrow


They weren’t Bran and Rickon! It was two farm boys. Reek reveals to Sansa


So here we sit- two terrible children of two terrible fathers. -Tyrion says to Dany

I’d given up on life until Varys convinced me that you might be worth living for.  -Tyrion explains to Dany

Sometimes a man has to make hard choices. Choices that may look wrong to others, but you know are right in the long run. -Sam explains to Ollie


I’m not asking you to forget your dead!  I’ll never forget mine!  – Jon replies to the female elder

Black Mirror: Seasons 1 & 2 (Netflix)

NOTE: This is a SPOILER-FREE review. 

black mirror_1M lil piecesDid you watch The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits?  Do you think that technology is taking over your life?  Are you open to a dark, intelligent show?  Then check out this British sci-fi series.  There are 2 seasons up on Netflix now; each has 3 eps.  I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before! 

black mirror_1M lil pieces_JBF Downton Abbey fans will be delighted to see Jessica Brown Findlay in S1 (“A Million Little Pieces”); she played Lady Sybil Crawley on the hit PBS series.  She’s a naturally gifted singer who tries out for a show VERY similar to American Idol.  The setting of ALL the eps is a world VERY similar to ours, BUT perhaps a bit further in the future.  No little green men here, thank goodness!  It could appeal to that friend of yours who HATES typical sci-fi fare.

black mirror_the entire history of youEach ep is a standalone piece, BUT you’ll see similar themes emerge.  My favorite ep of S1 (“The Entire History of You”) centers on the age-old issue of romantic jealousy (the green-eyed monster).  Speaking of eyes… well, you’ll see!  This is the type of show where you don’t want to know TOO much!

black mirror_x-mas specialThere is also a Christmas Special ep starring Jon Hamm (Mad Men); you’ll also see Rafe Spall, Oona Chaplin and Natalie Tena (who both appear on Game of Thrones).  It’s my second favorite ep; it has several twists and turns.

black mirror_be right backThe must-see ep of S2 (“Be Right Back”) stars Hayley Atwell (star of Agent Carter) and up-and-coming actor, Domhnall Gleeson (son of character actor Brendan Gleeson).  The young Gleeson is thin and boyish (unlike his burly father), but exudes a sort of intensity and maturity that makes him seem wiser beyond his years.  Most recently, he co-starred in the critically-acclaimed sci-fi/thriller Ex Machina.