Some Loft finds (now on clearance)


Short White Stone Tiered Necklace


Petite Crystal Trim Necklace Tank


Petite Stripe Open Stitch Sweater

(I have this in white/toasted oat.)

DC Food Trucks

Since I work in L’Enfant Plaza, I have MANY food options, including the food trucks that are usually parked at Maryland Ave & 7th St SW from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. during weekdays.  A couple of my co-workers are fans of the trucks, esp. those that sell spicy food.  Below are some of my favorites. 


Are you looking for an alternative to your regular sandwich?  The ficelle is a light/crispy type of bread that looks like a baguette.  You can choose turkey, roast beef, chicken, etc., with different types of seasoning and veggies.  My favorite is the Newman Ficelle.  The guy who runs it is from Italy (I think) and always remembers the regulars.

Fojol Brothers

Merlindia (Indian), Benethopia (Ethiopian), & Volathai (Thai) are the trucks run by the Fojols.  My fave is Volathai; it comes to my area on Fridays (ANOTHER reason to love Fridays)!  I prefer to get the Pick 2 w/ Green Curry and Penang Curry (if available).  Otherwise, I’d get green curry (comes w/ rice) and mushroom drunken noodle (NOTE: It’s spicy for most folks who I’ve spoken to).  Sometimes Pad Thai and Beef Massaman Curry are available, BUT these aren’t at the top of my list. (Interestingly, the Massaman sauce was inspired by the first Indians who traveled to Thailand to do business, and wanted a taste of home.)    

Other reasons I enjoy the Fojols are their friendly demeanor, interesting ethnic wear, and generous portions.  Unlike some trucks, they haven’t made their portions smaller over the year.  One guy (who’s married) often tells me that he plans to name his daughter Emma, if he ever has one.  Awww!   

Lobster Truck DC

Yes, this food is pricy, BUT it’s VERY good/fresh!  Sarah, a new friend of mine (who also blogs), REALLy enjoyed having a Maine roll at the recent Trucko de Mayo festival.  She said it reminded her of home (she’s from the Boston area).   Another friend, Lana, liked the root beer.  My fave is the vanilla creme soda. 


This truck is CUTE; it has light blue, white clouds, and cows painted all over it.  There are cookies, sodas, sorbets, & different types of ice cream.  I tried the 2 scoops (vanilla & cappucino crunch) at the food fest and LOVED them both!  It was well worth the wait, as several folks said.  A gal raised in Arizona will ALWAYS love ice cream…


This truck is run by a wiry-framed blonde (who looks like she NEVER eats dessert)- LOL!  My fave is the Red Velvet; the Cookies & Cream is great, too.  She usually has 5-7 different choices available.  The portions are not too big or too small!       

Tasty Kabob

This truck is green and white, denoting the colors of Pakistan (at least in my mind).  It’s run by Middle Eastern guys of different ages, some American and some immigrant.  The portions are VERY generous, so check it out when you’re VERY hungry.  (You can share w/ a co-worker or take home, too.)  I like the lamb w/ rice & 2 veggies, though I have tried the gyro also once or twice.  I think the food is NOT spicy, but then again, I’m a desi gal!     

You can follow the trucks at the site below or on Twitter.