Some GREAT podcasts

Desi Dilemmas by Smitha Radhakrishnan

This is an older podcast (started in 2006), but I recently listened to the eps.  Smitha, a desi academic from the West Coast, is a very good speaker (and also easy to relate to).  She and her guests discuss the uniqueness (and samneness) btwn desi issues and wider American issues.  If you’re a young desi, you’ll enjoy this one a LOT!


Generation 1.5 by Yesha Naik

This is also an older one, BUT by a lady I know!  She’s one of the founding members of SAWCC, a writer, terrific speaker, and FUNNY to boot.  Yesha was raised in a Hindu Gujrati family, but in the ‘burbs of NJ, so she had her share of assimilation issues as a kid/teen.  She is now a well-adjusted adult who calls herself a member of “the wedge generation.”  She deals w/ various topics w/ intelligence, and has a natural gift for storytelling IMHO.  I have alse heard a few of her short stories- they’re terrific!    


Learn French with Coffee Break French

A very jovial Scottish guy (Mark) teaches this beginner French course.  You will learn the language of “amour” along with his student (Anna).  This will be helpful to people who plan to travel to France on vacation, because they go over everyday vocab/situations.  It’s fast and fun!


The Moth

Volunteers from The Moth storytelling corps work with SAYA! students at John Adams High School in Ozone Park, Queens.  I worked one semester in an after-school program at this HS.  On this podcast, you will hear very personal tales from a HUGE variety of individuals (some famous, some not).  Connections will be formed- trust me!