Favorite Podcasts

These are the podcasts currently in my ear (early 2023):

The Adam and Andy Podcast

Two friends- Nicole Kemper and Sarah Alison Hodges- are watching and reviewing every movie, TV show, etc. that actors Adam Driver and Andy Samberg have starred in.

The Cine-Files

Long-time friends Steve Morris (filmmaker/teacher) and John Rocha (voice actor, YouTuber, & more) discuss notable films in-depth each week.

Designated Driver

Two friends- Liz Thompson and Aleah Vinick- brought together by their appreciation of the actor, “explore the work and mystique of Adam Driver.”

Fatal Attractions

Devoted to the erotic thriller genre (EX: Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, that sort of movie); so-hosted by film critics/fans from the US/UK- Matthew Turner, Leslie Pitt, Amelie Thomas and Paul Costello.

Out of the Podcast

Dan Saraceni & Joey Gantner watch and discuss a different noir film each week.