A few pics from Hollywood’s past

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Vids for fellow Richard Armitage fans!

Richard plays Thorin Oakenshield (king of the dwarves)

The Hobbit panel at Comic Con 2012 (26:11)

The Hobbit cast interviewed by Entertainment Weekly mag (8:42)


A brief interview w/ Richard from Fandango.com (2:42)

Another short interview w/ Richard from TheOneRing.net (3:55)


Drawf Star – profile of Richard by WSJ Digital Network (4:10)

Richard takes fan questions from Twitter fans (3:36)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey behind-the-scenes video (13:14)

Some Quick Film Reviews

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012)

Well, you really CAN’T go wrong w/ such a stellar cast!  (Dev Patel, just 21 y.o., said how BIG of an honor it was to work w/ all these legends, in a recent NPR interview.)   My fave characters were portrayed by Judy Dench, Bill Nighy (he surprised me w/ his skill), & Tom Wilkinson.  Some viewers commented that Patel’s acting was very one-note (& I mostly agree w/ that).  Perhaps he got bogged down in the Indian accent (he’s a British desi, after all); perhaps he just needs to learn more.  The complete change of heart from Maggie Smith’s characters didn’t ring QUITE true IMO.  There are some GREAT life lessons in this film, BUT it’s NOT schmaltzy or stereotypical. 

Empire Falls (2005)

Fans of Paul Newman will be surprised by his (antihero) role in this HBO miniseries!  There are some  fine performances, esp. from Ed Harris, Aidan Quinn, Robin Wright Penn, & a young Danielle Panabaker.  I thought it started out quite strong, BUT there is something disjointed about it.  It’s set around two VERY different families in a working-class town of Maine. 

L.A. Confidential (1997)

Three reasons to see this film (in order): 1) Russell Crowe 2) Kevin Spacey 3) Guy Pearce.  I’m pretty sure this film was a star-making turn for Crowe.  Also, this is one of the BEST edited films I recall seeing.  I was surprised that Kim Basinger was so capable- she didn’t annoy me in this film!   I think you need to see it twice to appreciate it- I don’t think I paid attention the first time.

The Horseman on the Roof (1995)

This historical French film is GORGEOUS (& not just b/c of the two leads)!  There’s a LOT of natural beauty- greenery, mountains, snow, etc.  Olivier Martinez, who you may recall from Unfaithful,  portrays a true “romantic” (a individual of high ideals).  Juliette Binoche is perfect (as usual), though there is NOT much dialogue.   Plus, you have to give props to a woman who’s not afraid to act w/ a man prettier than her- LOL!   La Binoche never disappoints.

Shoes for Summer

Why NOT look cute while around the house/neighborhood?  These cheetah-inspired sandals were only $10 from Old Navy.


I got these from an Aerosoles in Astoria, Queens (while on my recent NYC trip).  They weren’t on sale (newer style), but I LOVE these shoes!!!  They’re incredibly comfy; you won’t  want to take them off!


These braided sandals (less than $20) are from a sale at NY & Co. about 2 months back.  I’ve received a few compliments on these, and they are comfy as well!


These sandals are from Payless, but they are quite comfy (I wore them twice).  I got them on a BOGO 1/2 off sale 3 weeks back.


I’ve had these sandals since last Fall, but haven’t worn them much.  I LOVE  this shade of blue!


These were $20 from The Loft (otherwise known as my weekly hangout- LOL)!  I bought them a few months ago.  I’ve worn them three times and gotten compliments.  They are comfy, too!