Shoes for Summer

Why NOT look cute while around the house/neighborhood?  These cheetah-inspired sandals were only $10 from Old Navy.


I got these from an Aerosoles in Astoria, Queens (while on my recent NYC trip).  They weren’t on sale (newer style), but I LOVE these shoes!!!  They’re incredibly comfy; you won’t  want to take them off!


These braided sandals (less than $20) are from a sale at NY & Co. about 2 months back.  I’ve received a few compliments on these, and they are comfy as well!


These sandals are from Payless, but they are quite comfy (I wore them twice).  I got them on a BOGO 1/2 off sale 3 weeks back.


I’ve had these sandals since last Fall, but haven’t worn them much.  I LOVE  this shade of blue!


These were $20 from The Loft (otherwise known as my weekly hangout- LOL)!  I bought them a few months ago.  I’ve worn them three times and gotten compliments.  They are comfy, too!

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