Get Dressed for Summer


I bought this dress from Marshalls recently; this style suits my body type and I don’t have many clothes in shades of red.


I got this dress in March during a clearance sale at New York & Company (which has a branch in downtown Silver Spring).  There is also a big store at Westfield Shopping Plaza (better known as Wheaton Mall).  Usually, the dresses at NY & Co. are better suited to taller women, but this fit me well (a pleasant surprise)! 



Another find from NY & Co. during a more recent sale; this was the only one left.  This is my favorite color!  This style of dress will look good on a many different body types.



This is an unusually cute shrug/sweater from Marshalls.  I love the designs!  I think this will look good over a tank (beige, white, etc.), skinny jeans, and sandals.



Here is a pleated floral skirt from The Loft.  Yes, I refer to myself as a Loft junkie (for about one year now)- LOL!  There are SO many locations, sales, and quality products.   


I got this casual shirt last fall from Zara (Spanish clothing store; Metro Center area) mainly because I loved the colors and floral pattern.   


Another great skirt from The Loft- I’ve started to wear more skirts and dresses in the past year. 


A cotton, casual (yet flattering) dress from NY & Co.  It’s longer on the sides; it’ll fit petite sizes (I’m only 5’2″).  You can wear it alone or with a shrug (like I do).  Be prepared for lots of compliments!     


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