Desis in the US

NOTE: The following information comes from a February 2012 report (A Demographic Snaphot of South Asians in the United States) by the Asian American Federation

Between 2000 and 2010, the South Asian American population became the fastest growing major ethnic group in the United States and has emerged in new areas of the country. 

Over 3.4 million South Asians live in the United States.

Comparing only the four South Asian groups for which there is Census data from both 2000 and 2010 (Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, and Sri Lankan), the South Asian community as a whole grew 78% over the past decade.  The Bangladeshi community experienced the most significant growth, jumping 212%.  [On the 2010 census, 41,280 individuals reported that they were Bangladeshi.  In 2010, the number jumped to 128,792.]

Bangladeshis, Nepalis, Sri Lankans, and Bhutanese each rank among the top twenty Asian American ethnic groups.

Over the past ten years, the Washington, DC metropolitan area overtook the Los Angeles metropolitan area as the area with the third largest South Asian population.

The Detroit and Philadelphia metropolitan areas appear in the top five locations for the Bangladeshi community.

The South Asian population grew the most in Charlotte, NC, increasing 187% over the past ten years.  This was followed by Richmond, VA; Raleigh, NC; San Antonio, Seattle, and Stockton CA; Jacksonville, FL; Harrisburg, PA; and Las Vegas.

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