Film classics to watch on YouTube

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Recently, I rewatched Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope (1948) on YouTube.  I’d seen it a few years ago, but didn’t recall the ending.  The stars of the film are John Dall, Farley Grainger (who later starred in Strangers on a Train), and one of my favorite actors of all time- Jimmy Stewart.  This film is very different from the English play it’s based on, mainly because of the censorship rules of its time.  The film is pretty great, technically, which is expected from Hitchcock.  Some of you may also be interested in Rope Unleashed, a 30 minute behind the scenes look with Hume Cronyn, Granger, Patricia Hitchcock (the director’s daughter), and writer Arthur Laurents.

Below are some (full-length) film classics that you can watch (FREE) on YouTube!

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Mary Galante – 1934; starring a young Spencer Tracy

Pygmalion – the inspiration for My Fair Lady; 1938; starring Leslie Howard

Love Story – 1944; inspiration for An Affair to Remember; starring Margaret Lockwood & Stewart Granger

The Stranger – 1946; starring Orson Welles & Edward G. Robinson

Borderline – 1950; starring Fred McMurray, Clare Trevor, & Raymond Burr (best known as Perry Mason)

Witness to Murder – 1954; starring Barbara Stanwyck, George Sanders, & Gary Merrill

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