The More the Merrier (1943) starring Jean Arthur


Do you realize that practically most of the trouble in the world comes from people lying to people? Just take Hitler, for instance.  -Dingle on morals

This funny and VERY well-written romantic/screwball comedy, directed by George Stevens (A Place in the Sun, Giant) is a MUST-SEE for any fan of classic film!  I saw it for the first time (on TCM) last week, then wondered why I’d never heard of it before. 


Damn the torpedoes – full steam ahead!  –Dingle on seizing the moment

In WWII era Washington, DC, there is a housing shortage and “8 women for every man,” BUT Connie Milligan (Jean Arthur) ends up w/ TWO unwanted roomies.  First, there is retired industrialist, Benjamin Dingle (James Coburn- Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner), then mechanic-turned-soldier, Joe Carter (Joel McCrea).  Mr. Dingle sublets half of his room to the younger man, considering him “a high type, clean cut, nice young fellow.” When Dingle plays (unlikely) matchmaker, hilarity and romance ensue!  


There are two kinds of people – those who don’t do what they want to do, so they write down in a diary about what they haven’t done, and those who are too busy to write about it because they’re out doing it! -Dingle on life



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