Tips to Appear Taller (For Fellow Petite Gals)

  1. Nude Booties (close to your skin tone) &/or Pointed Toe Shoes (ANY color)
  2. Horizontal Stripes (tops or pants)
  3. Wear hair up (longer hair) or cut hair short (EX: any type of bob).
  4. Maxi Dress (preferably in ONE color w/ a slit to show some of your leg)
  5. High-waisted & wide-legged pants (preferably w/ heels)
  6. Dress in ONE color (monochromatic).
  7. Wear a choker (EX: modern/sleek style; sitting on your collarbone)- this will draw the eyes up to your face.
  8. Wear dresses & skirts which are above the knees (stay in your comfort zone- don’t have to wear a miniskirt).

Beauty by the bag

Fossil coin purse (swan)
Fossil coin purse (swan)
Dooney & Bourke hydrangea large slim wristlet (white/marine)
Dooney & Bourke hydrangea large slim wristlet (white/marine)
Fossil Key Per wallet (bright/multi Spring with birds)
Fossil Key Per wallet (bright/multi Spring with birds)
Fossil Key Per shopper (bright/multi Spring with birds)
Fossil Key Per shopper (bright/multi Spring with birds)

New Year, New Products


1) John Masters Organics Bare Unscented Shampoo & Detangler

Detangler is a (gentle/daily) conditioner

Whole Foods used to carry some John Mastera products, BUT not lately, so get it online.

If you have fine/thin/oily hair, you will esp. like these products!

TJs_French Liquid Soap

2) Trader Joe’s French Liquid Soap

I LOVE the scent of this (hand) soap!!!


3) Bath & Body Works Butterfly Flower Shower Gel & Body Lotion

Recently on clearance

Reissued scent (romantic/youthful)


4) VS Midnight Dare (gel, spray, & lotion)

A very romantic/vibrant scent

Would be good for special occasions/weekends


5) VS Lip Gloss

Recently on clearance

I got a few different types/colors.

Holiday Haul: Gifts to myself!


1) Kate Spade “Deborah Dot” Bon Shopper – Clearance sale on official KS site 

2) Winter 2012 “Bearista” Bear – Starbucks 

3) Kate Spade “Ace of Spades” Pouch – eBay 

4) Remington (S-9951) Frizz Therapy Flat Iron – Ulta store

5) BassBuds Earbuds w/ Swarovski Elements  – Via Groupon deal


Bass Buds (close-up)

These can be used w/ MP3 players & phones.


iPod Shuffle (Product RED) – Official Apple site

FYI: This plays music & podcasts, but not radio (my 5th gen Nano does that).

I had my name engraved on back.  I got this to motivate me to walk/exercise more!