Hey everyone in cyberspace!

Welcome to my 2nd blog (1st one on Blogger never really went anywhere).  Here you’ll find out a LOT about me…  I consider myself a pretty boring person, BUT perhaps my opinions will be of interest to SOME of you.

I’m nearly 29 (yikes!!!), live in Jackson Hts, Queens, and work as a substitute teacher in both public (DOE) and private (charter) schools in the NYC area.  Yes, I do need a FT (“real”) job.  If you can help, I’ll LOVE YOU FOREVER!  NYC is bloody expensive, as Dad would say.  I’ve lived here almost 3 yrs; I wanted to be here since I was 17.  I have a few relatives here (aunt’s and uncle’s families). 

I’m Bangladeshi-American (or “desi” as the young people say these days), but spent most of my life in Tucson, Arizona.  My parents came to US for PhD studies.  I’ve only been out of AZ for the past 6 yrs!  I always wanted to get away, BUT once in a while I think about it.  My younger sis and (new) bro-in-law still live there!  My sis (Ifat) is a one of those annoying young gals who is beautiful, outgoing, all-rounded in her interests/studies/etc.  Blech!  My bro-in-law is a super-sweet (orginally Midwestern) guy who has just started his career as a Pharmacist. 

No, I haven’t been to BD since my family came to US (but we always say we’ll save and plan a trip soon).  People always say that they love to reconnect to their roots, BUT come on- I live in Jackson Hts!  How can I NOT be connected w/ desis of all sorts!?  Here I’ve seen desis from India, BD, Pakistan, UK, Australia, and all over the US (some even from little towns in the Midwest).  Yes, desis are all over…

My parents (currently) live in a suburb of Indianalpolis (or Indy as locals call it).  My dad is going to be going to DC/VA area for a new job VERY soon.  I lived over there for about 2 years and was BORED out of my mind!  Seriously though, it’s a very nice, down-to-earth place to raise kids and all that.  People actually have manners and concern for strangers- shocking!  Not that AZ was all rough, but the Midwest has that low-key, calm, gentle environment IMHO.  We should create a program to bring MORE Midwestern folks here to NYC!

All my life, my family has been connected to education.  My maternal grandfather helped raise money for a girls’ school (in the 1950s) in his little village.  My mom is really proud of that fact!  My mom dreamed of becoming a doctor (What desi kid didn’t back then, eh?)- she is now a cancer researcher in IUPUI.  My dad was a professor of statistics (WAAAY back in the day in Dhaka), and has worked in MANY different settings/cities/colleges here in US.  He even sub taught for a while- whoah!  I have a lil bro (now 18!!!) who’s at IU.  More about him and other stuff later…

Happy New Year to all… and keep reading!  EMMA

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