My fave directors: Pedro Almodovar: This guy is a legend in his native Spain, and his films are unabashedly colorful, emotional, and well… out there (for many American viewers).  He can hook you in w/ his passion for his material, though, and the ride is worth it! Spike Lee: He’s colorful, bold (usu funny), and has his pulse on what is going on NOW; his characters (even the historical ones) pop off the screen b/c they are so easy to relate to; the music he chooses for his movies is always interesting as well.  The convos his characs have sound like REAL people, not movie people.  There is such a variety in this world, and he shows us a wide spectrum of black experiences, dreams, problems, etc. Mira Nair: She lives in-between many worlds, and her movies reflect the conflicts that generations of family members struggle with everyday.  How does what has come before affect someone today?  There is always a positive/hopeful thread woven in her films because most people (in the world) are trying to do the right thing.  John Sayles: He writes his movies as well, so that is a BIG advantage for those working w/ him; he loves to learn about communities (here and across the border in Latin America).  This guy does not use fancy camera tricks because his writing and character development are the focus.  His movies are about regular people and real issues (gentrification, international adoption, immigration, etc.)  

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