What I did today…

Hey all!  (I hope a FEW ppl are rdng this, at least…)

Today I got 2 great DVDs (yes, yes on sale for those of you who know about my po’ self): The Talented Mr. Ripley (v. suspenseful and well-done) and French Kiss (I LOVE Kevin Kline in everything!!!) 

I also saw Charlie Wilson’s War (over in Lincoln Center area).  It was GREAT!!!  There were MANY laughs, as well as things we can relate to (in our time).  Tom Hanks was EVEN better than usual, but Phillip Seymour Hoffman was TERRIFIC!  Honestly, whenever I see that guy, I wonder how he gets so deep into character!  He is not even middle-aged yet… WOW!  Yes, Julia did well too, but her part wasn’t that substantial.  (She looked very cool/relaxed/ glamorous in this part.)

Aaron Sorkin wrote the script, so it was fast-paced and clever; he wrote The West Wing (which I used to watch religiously for some time).  I got the 1st season (clearance) a couple of months back, and am SOOO glad I did!  I love the emotional notes his writing hits, and he is damn smart too.  Check this movie out!!!

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