What’s goin’ on… what’s goin’ on…

What I’m listening to:


Back in the ole ’90s, Rick Trevino had a few hit songs.  His voice is very clear and youthful- comtemporary country.  But I didn’t find out that he ALSO sings in Spanish and is Mexican-American!  The “n” has a tilda sign over it.  He’s based in Austin- more of an “out of the box” country music town than Nashville.

These are some of his CDs:



Songs I REALLY like of Rick Trevino’s (available on iTunes):

Running Out of Reasons to Run

Se Escapan Mis Razones (Spanish version of above song)

Learning As You Go

Just Enough Rope (Sung in Spanish AND English)

She Can’t Say I Didn’t Cry

Separate Ways (his NEW single- very touching!)



This Native American country singer (Yeah, that’s RARE!) has a pure, smooth voice.  He’s a Texan who sang in church as a kid, and recorded 3 albums in the mid-to-late ’90s. 



Below are the BEST songs from Ricky’s debut CD (only $7.99 on iTunes):

Alright Already

If I Had a Cheatin’ Heart

A Good Habit is Hard to Break

Songs from other CDs:

I Wanna Be Loved By You

Can’t Do A Thing About You (fun lyrics here!) 

Dangerously Close




I heard Jason Michael Carroll on iTunes radio last week.  He’s a 30 y.o. singer out of Raleigh, NC (where there is a good music scene) with a distinctive voice- powerful, very deep, yet somewhat raw.  The voice DOES NOT match his looks!  (Though his looks have crossover appeal.) 



Jason was discoverd in a talent competition in NC, and now has first album w/ 3 hit songs.  An interesting fact: Jason went against his religious background and upbringing to become a (secular) musician.



I Can Sleep When I’m DeadA fun, sinple, fast-paced song

Livin’ Our Love SongA very traditional ballad




This small-town gal from Alabama has been performing since age 8.  Her voice (and lyrics) are totally country, unlike many young aspiring “country” singers.  Ashton Shepherd won a competition to open for Lorrie Morgan- WOW!!!



Sounds So GoodA fun, yet sweet, song about hanging out with your love




I’ve never heard of composer Adrian Johnston until this year, but his music for Becoming Jane is TERRIFIC!

What I’m reading:


Ours is essentially a tragic age, so we refuse to take it tragically.  So begins D.H. Lawrence’s emotion-packed, highly descriptive novel of forbidden love between the social classes.  The time is after WWI when England has lost a generation of young men, and industry is encroaching on the “old England” (including Sir Clifford Chatterley’s family estate, Wragby).  Connie (Lady Chatterley) tries to cheerfully take care of her crippled husband.  He was hurt both physically and emotionally, we learn.  Clifford values “the life of the mind” above physical love.  He writes stories and thinks of ways to improve his coal mines. 

Clifford can’t have children, but doesn’t mind if his wife gets pregnant by another man.  He could raise the child as his own, he feels.  His wife is (naturally) shocked by this proposal, though she would love to have a baby someday.   Connie was raised among artists and free-thinkers, so she feels constricted by the rank of “landed gentry.”  We learn that there is no one around the town for her to talk to.  Little by little, Connie feels that her life is passing by her.  Then Connie meets Wragby’s gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors, a solitary and mysterious man. 



 What I’m watching:



I’m moving to the DC area soon, so why not re-watch this show?  Great acting (including guest stars and the small parts), LOTS of laughs, and political drama abounds!  My fave characters are: Josh (Bradley Whitford- can you believe that some NBC execs didn’t think he was attractive!?), President Bartlett (Martin Sheen), and Toby (Richard Schiff is VERY into his role).  This show is an idealistic view of politics, but you can learn a LOT from it!    


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