I am SLOWLY getting used to DC…

Hello readers!

Feeling a BIT blue?  Dark blue maybe?  Money low in the bank?  Investments down?  Join the world!  My mom says Obama will make some BIG changes for the better.     

I’m VERY slowly emerging from my depression after leaving my love (NYC)!  Since I have a long-term sub job and interview(s) coming up, I have to get focused.  There is NOT much time to whine and cry these days!  (I did that for 2-3 wks already, though!)

What I’m Watching:




Yes, I started watching b/c of “NY” in the title, but it’s a pretty good show.  Gary Sinise is VERY strong (no surprise there!), and there is a sweet office romance btwn Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) and Lindsey (Anna Belknap), two cops who seem like opposites (at first glance).  And… wait for it… they actually look like REAL people!!! 




The REALLY cute guy (Eddie Cahill) who played Rachel’s younger bf on Friends is here, too. 




And Hill Harper plays a doc; he’s also an author who wrote re: youth issues.



Movies I Recommend:

Dan in Real Life



Dan was living his life w/ his 3 (adorable/challenging) daughters until he met a woman who turned his head (after MANY years).  Then he “went a little crazy” as he admits.  But who wouldn’t fall in love w/ Juliette Binoche!? 





Who wouldn’t fall in love w/ Patrick Dempsey!?  (Even my dad likes him!)  This is a fairy tale for BOTH kids, teens, and adults!  Also ya get to see NYC…


Tortilla Soup



A Mexican-American version of the fantastic Chinese film Eat Drink Man Woman.   You get to see Latino actors from several different backgrounds here.  And Elizabeth Pena is ALWAYS great to watch IMHO!



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