I’m getting OLD!!!

Hey all,

I hope you’re doing FAB, and not 30 y.o. today (JAN 7th) like moi!  LOL…  Just kidding!  Really, I don’t feel THAT old- my fam tells me I’m “like a kid” and “need to be more mature” ALL the time.  So… what am I doing for my b-day? 

I subbed (as usual) and kept (sorta) in a good mood during the school day.  I’m STILL not quite used to how buses/trains are slower here (than back in my beloved NYC)!  I need patience…  Me and my dad (my roomie these days) are going to have sausage pizza & hot wings (Papa John’s) and check out some PBS. 

At 8PM tonight there is a play (Cyrano de Bergerac) w/ Kevin Kline (who I LOVE almost as much as Denzel!), Jennifer Garner, and Daniel Sunjata (the SUPER-HOT hottie who’s sometimes on SVU and Rescue Me). 

Below are some pics!





All the best,


P.S. I got a CUTE new phone (by Sony Ericsson) yesterday!  YAY!!!

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