2009 US Figureskating Championships: Ice Dance

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Any figureskating (FS), esp. ice dancing, fans out there in cyberspace?  Pairs and Ice Dance have always been by fave divisions of the sport of FS.  After a few years of not paying much attn, I’ve decided to check back in w/ the world of FS. 


My most fave team in ice dance: Marina Anissina & Gwendal Peizerat (A&P) of FRA.  I followed their career for several years, discussed them w/ many online fans, and even made a little web site dedicated to them.  They were very dramatic, creative, and connected very well w/ audiences.  The choreography and lifts they did were awesome! 


As I watched the best of the American ice dancers, I saw that one couple in particular has been influenced by A&P- Meryl Davis and Charlie White.  They’ve been a team since 1997, and are ranked #1 in the US.  They both attend the Univ of Michigan, too.  Wow!  Davis and White had good speed and some very cool moves.  They won gold at Nationals this past wk.   (BTW, Belbin & Agosto, one of our best teams, was not in the competition.  I’m not sure why, but hope it’s nothing too serious.)


Meryl Davis & Charlie White



Charlie’s long-ish blonde curls and wide smile immediately reminded me of Gwendal!  This team is coached by Igor Shpilband and Marina Zueva.





Shades of A&P here…  Charlie is a very strong/powerful skater (he used to compete in Singles), and Meryl is very fluid/light in her movements.



Madison Hubbell & Keiffer Hubbell

This team was very light, fluid, and elegant over the ice.  They reminded me of the great Russian dance teams of the past.




They are brother and sister, so (of course!) are also very well-matched. 




The Hubbells also train in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and are coached by Russians.  (Hey, to beat them, you sometimes have to join them!) 


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One thought on “2009 US Figureskating Championships: Ice Dance

  1. I too am a big fan of A&P. They are my favorite icedance team. I wish they toured US & skated prof without Marina’s actor husband. Like Davis & White but actually my fav. of current is Bates & Samuelson. Loved their original from last year- which is when I first discovered them.


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