Movie Review: “Fanny” (1961)

Put a little smile on your face…


It’s a movie that stands on its own. It’s sentimental but in a very endearing way, not sickeningly sweet.  I recommend this movie highly for charm, humor and a look at parental domination, a relevant issue even today.

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Hey all,

This is for those of you who need some cheering up- like me.  I’ve pretty much become a cranky/depressed/couch potato these past few weeks.  I know I need to start working out again, but the economy and my job situation are keeping me down.  


So, I felt a bit better when I saw Fanny, nominated for Best Picture in 1961.  It’s about young love, community (set in Marseille, France), friendship, and MORE!    The title character is Fanny (Leslie Caron- also see in Gigi, Damage, and Chocolat), a sweet/honest/beautiful teen girl who helps her widowed mother sell fish on the waterfront.  She’s deeply in love with a young man (a bartender who works with his dad) she grew up with, but he desperately wants to go to sea.  Will he choose love or ambition? 


This film has GREAT music, too!




All the best,


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