Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey (especially female) readers,

No bf/hubby/significant other this Valentine’s Day?  Not to fear, these FANTASTIC storybook heroes are ALWAYS there for you!  




Austen Heroes:


Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) – Pride & Prejudice: Better than “tolerable” looking, tall, proud, shy around strangers, and a gentleman w/ LOTS of money and huge estate w/ beautiful, extensive grounds. 



Captain Wentworth (Ciaran Hinds) – Persuasion: Constant, hard-working (joined the navy and worked his way up), and a GREAT writer of lovely, heartfelt letters. 





Mr. Knightley (Mark Strong / Jeremy Northam) – Emma: Experienced, wise, country gent who WILL tell it like it is (even if you DON’T want to hear it!) 



Mr. Tilney ( J.J. Feild) – Northanger Abbey: Young, sweet, and kind gent who plans to become a pastor.




Colonel Brandon (Alan Rickman / David Morrissey) – Sense & Sensibility: He’s a former military man who’s rich (w/ a kind heart); he knows a LOT about music, too. 


Other Literary Heroes:



Mr. Rochester  (Toby Stephens) – Jane Eyre: A great conversationalist who is “changeable,” well-traveled, and VERY mysterious.



Mr. Thornton (Richard Armitage) – North & South: He’s described as tall, strong, w/ a “perfect set of teeth”; he’s a “master” and “magistrate” who’s close to his mother; unlike MANY literary men (of his time) he’s a self-made man wasn’t born rich and powerful. 

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I think The Phantom of the Opera and Heathcliff should be added to this list. They may be a bit on the crazy side, but they love with a trueness that seems to no longer exist…


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