Another NYC Trip…

Church across from Columbia U (114th & Bdwy)
Church across from Columbia U (114th & Bdwy)


Hello readers,

I recently went to NYC for 2 job fairs held at Columbia.  On Friday March 6, I stood in line (for some mins!) for the non-profit/ED job fair at Columbia.   Last year, we didn’t have to wait in line.  There were Columbia undergrads/grads and alumni from several (good) schools present.  (I’m an alumnus of Fordham.)     


Waiting in line before non-profit job fair
Waiting in line before non-profit job fair


Please God, give me a job!!!   LOL…  There was a photographer snapping pics of the line; the chubby young (lovey-dovey) couple in front of me turned their heads away.  I guess they didn’t want anyone to know they didn’t have jobs.  Well, at least they have love!


On Saturday March 7, I went to the charter school career fair (off 120th St).  I had gone last year, and thought it wasn’t TOO busy or rushed.  We had to go through several doors and hallways to reach the actual fair.  (They had us in a pokey little corner of a bldg, b/c hey- who cares about educators?) 


This time there were MANY attendees!  The fair was held in 2 rooms- one quite small and one long-ish hall (actually a cafeteria).  I learned about a FEW new charter schools, but I already knew about most of the orgs and schools there.  No one looked pleased- forget looking happy!  Their faces were VERY serious. give or take a few young’uns here and there.  A few older, experienced teachers (from suburban areas) came to see what was out there.  (Maybe they fear layoffs?)   


Roosevelt Island
Roosevelt Island


The best part of the trip was seeing many of my NYC friends!  I stayed w/ my friend Sadia on Roosevelt Island for most of my trip; we got to know more about each other.  Sadia knows how to cook deshi and Thai food- very cool!  (She’ll be off to Toronto soon for a new adventure.  GOOD LUCK!!!)  I got to have a long talk with Rumana on Sunday. 




Sadly, I know of SEVERAL people I know are out of jobs (laid-off or unable to re-enter workforce after some yrs away); they are architects, work in HR, finance, and more.       


Vietnames restaurant (Univ Place East)
Vietnames restaurant (Univ Place East)
On Friday, Sadia and I went to a Vietnamese place.  Yes, we will BOTH miss NYC a lot!  (I don’t see a HIGH chance of getting a teaching job there.)
All the best,

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