Wednesday: “American Idol” and more…

TCM movie I saw today: Great Expectations (1946)
A young Alec Guiness (left) as Herbert Pocket, Pip's roommate
A young Alec Guiness (left) as Pip's roommate

This is a GREAT classic film based on Dickens’ novel!  The grown-up Pip is played by John Mills (one of the UK’s most respected actors; father of actress Hayley Mills).  Alec Guiness is Pip’s bubbly, helpful roomie Herbert Pocket.  He’s fun to watch!   


A VERY young Jean Simmons plays Young Estella
A VERY young Jean Simmons plays Young Estella

The young Estella is the (unusually) pretty Jean Simmons; she was later in Spartacus, Guys and Dolls, etc.  And yes, she always had that posh speaking voice!


Some thoughts on American Idol

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert

The best performances tonight were (in my order): Adam, Allison, Matt, Danny, and Anoop.  Adam (a stage actor who recently appeared in Wicked) showed that he has range; he looked SO different (but still original).  His song was GREAT!  Matt was very confidant onstage, and his song went smoothly. 

Anoop Desai
Anoop Desai
Anoop was good (as I expected), BUT could have been better.  Maybe it was song choice?  Maybe he needs to show more confidence or style?  Hmmm…  He looked even better than last wk (my mom said he looks great).
Danny Gokey
Danny Gokey

Danny showed that he has personality and energy; his performance was VERY fun!  I felt bad for Lil b/c she didn’t have a great performance.  Allison improved a LOT from last time; she is very natural (like Anoop) tonight.  Very good group of young people w/ humble, nice personalities (I feel).   




7 thoughts on “Wednesday: “American Idol” and more…

  1. ADAM, HONEY, PLEASE go back to your natural appearance.
    You looked insanely good looking in your (charming & funny) audition with the gorgeous brown hair and no makeup. Crazy makeup for the stage is fabulous though.


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