What’s going on this Tuesday?

Did you know?:
I was flipping through channels tonight, and happened upon the 2nd half of a Star Trek: The Next Generation ep I never saw.  Billy Campbell (who some will know from Once and Again and 4400) was a guest star on this ep. 
Young Billy Campbell on "Star Trek: TNG"
Young Billy Campbell on "Star Trek: TNG"
An older (and MORE handsome) Billy Campbell
An older (MORE handsome) Billy
Wow- some people get BETTER-looking w/ age!
What I’m watching lately:
Little Mosque on the Prairie is a comedy (for ALL ages) set in a small Canadian town.  It is currently in its 3rd season and a surprise hit on the Canadian Broadcast Network.  I heard a few people talking about it a few months ago; they said it was pretty funny.  (I’m watching it on You Tube.)  The creator of the show, Zarqa Nawaz, is a practicing Muslim woman, former journalist, wife, and mother. 
Cast of "Little Mosque on the Prairie" (a CBC comedy)
Cast of "Little Mosque on the Prairie"

I’ll write more on this show VERY soon- I want to see what happens next!!!


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