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I saw this in the Sunday Opinion section of the New York Times on March 29, 2009.   The author, a sociology prof at Columbia, Sudhir Venkatesh focused on the reasons why Americans are not rising up in large numbers to protest (like in UK or France). 


G20 protest
G20 protest


The title of Venkatesh’s article is “Feeling Too Down to Rise Up.” He wondered:If Americans are so angry, where are the protests?  The riots?”  Now, I don’t think it’s cool to set fire to bridges (like in France) b/c you don’t have a job.  It’s not productive to have (some) rowdy/disrespectful protestors who are drinking alcohol during protests (like in London this past week). 

Here is an excerpt from that article:

As our shame grows, we shutter ourselves inside.  Afraid of acknowledging our anger and unable to join those similarly suffering, we grow distant.  Worse, we judge quickly and harshly the actions of others… 

To restore our social bonds, each one of us must overcome our isolating feelings of embarrassment and humiliation and understand that this is a shared plight. 


Can you relate to this?  Do you think (peaceful) protest is needed to enact change?  How do you keep a good attitude in a recession?


Besy wishes to all,



Protest grafitti on London
Protest grafitti on London

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