Sunday on the blog w/ Emma

Hey readers,

Last week was NOT good for me- had A LOT of ups and downs in mood!  Of course, I’m still feeling bad re: not having a job.  (But there are many ppl in this position, incl those who went to Ivies!)  I’m applying for various F/T jobs and signing up w/ online tutoring agencies (for this summer).   


My 1st priority is to complete my TESOL training assignments b/c I may go to China in September.  (I didn’t want to go in August- what if I end up getting a English teaching job here?  Hey, ya never know!)  Yesterday, at the Starbucks in Old Town Alexandria, I saw a guy around my age studying books on Chinese verbs and grammar.  Maybe he needs it for business or wants to teach abroad, too?      


On the positive side…  I can’t believe that I bought a swimsuit after MANY years!  (The apt community where Dad and I live, there are several nice/newish pools.  We had our own pool in our Tucson house, and I’ve missed swimming these past 10 yrs.)  I got the Women’s Original Sport Tankini in black from Land’s End; this company sells conservative swimsuits.  (It looks like a jogging outfit of tank top and shorts basically.)  Land’s End has swim skirts and different colorful items, too.  An Iranian-American lady I know has a “burkini” swimsuit w/o the head covering; it looks like a wetsuit, I believe.  I think it’s GREAT to have more choices in swimwear these days!         


It’s summer- the season for LOTS of weddings!  A  terrific Broadway, film, and TV actor (Harry Lennix) got married last week.  Though he’s not a well-known actor, he does a GREAT job w/ his roles.

You can see his Shakesperean talent in Titus and his stereotype-busting gay intellectual in Spike Lee’s Get on the Bus.  Plus he used to be a teacher in Chicago, his hometown.  That’s cool! 

Here is the announcement in the NYT weddings section:



Here are some of my recent iTunes downloads:

 Already Gone – Sugarland

This duo just keeps getting better and better; they recently appeared on Oprah!


Anything Goes; How Many Times – Randy Houser

This singer began his career as a songwriter; recently he co-wrote Trace Adkins’ “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” w/ Jamey Johnson (see below).  Letterman had Randy on his show to sing Anything Goes after being impressed w/ it from radio!  His voice is PURE country- not like the pop type of country we’ve grown so used to hearning since the ’90s.  His voice is a beautiful standout amidst the crowd of new country acts!


Give It Away – George Strait

George is STILL ruggedly handsome and putting out hit after hit!


I Run To You; Lookin’ for a Good Time – Lady Antebellum

A young/new/cute trio has GORGEOUS voices you must-hear!


The music video for Lookin’ for a Good Time:


Official web site:


Redneck Side of Me; That Lonesome Song – Jamey Johnson

The big/burly singer is a former Marine; he has written songs for George Strait, Joe Nichols, Trace Adkins, etc.  His voice is VERY masculine and old-school country!   


Whatever It Is – Zac Brown Band

I just heard about this grp a few weeks ago- boy, am I behind the times!  They have an original sound.  So glad that I have CMT (after a LONG time).

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