“Notorious” (1946)


This is one of my mom’s fave classic films, BUT I just recently watched all of it.  It’s Hitchcock, but also VERY romantic (note the lighting).  And we get the pleasure of seeing Hollywood’s two most GORGEOUS, sophisticated, and talented actors working together!  


Alicia Huberman (Ingrid Bergman) is a beautiful/young/strong-willed Miami socialite who has turned to drinking and carousing since the imprisonment of her father.   At a party one night, she gets very drunk, and has to be driven home by T.R. Devlin (Cary Grant). 


Grant and Bergman have insta-chemistry!
Grant and Bergman have insta-chemistry!

Devlin learns that Alicia, who loves America, is bitter that her father worked as a German spy.  Devlin proposes that Alicia work as a spy for the American government on a special assignment in Rio de Janeiro.  The country could use someone w/ her background and talents, Devlin’s superiors say.   


NOT merely contact and spy!
NOT just contact and spy!
Even before the plane lands in Rio, Dev and Alicia are deeply into each other.  She quits drinking, resigned to be a better person.   That night, she says she’s in love with Dev.  But the new romance is suddenly halted when Dev learns what Alicia will be required to do IF she accepts the assignment.  She’ll have to get VERY close to wealthy businessman Alexander Sebastien (Claude Rains), one of her father’s close friends.  Devlin’s bosses explain that Sebastien was in love w/ Alicia years ago, and is eager to see her again!        

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