Gorgeous voices… and faces

Jack Ingram


He’s SO cool, and I (seriously) think I might be in LOVE with Jack Ingram!  I’ve been listening to several of his songs these past 3 weeks, and I’m NOT getting tired of them.  Jack’s sound is country-rock, as in raspy and rebellious, but it’s NOT over-the-top.  This experienced singer/guitarist has many devoted fans in Texas, where he began his career in 1992.  Jack (now 39) finally reached Top 40 country charts in 2005.

Some music videos:   

Barefoot and Crazy


Lips of an Angel


Maybe She’ll Get Lonely


Measure of a Man 


Wherever You Are



Jack toured w/ one of my faves, Mark Chesnutt, a Texan with a very unique/pure voice.  Sometimes GOOD things come to those who don’t only rely on flash!       



David Nail


This Missouri-born/raised country singer’s songs are deeply personal.  David Nail, who writes about his own particular failures and hopes, is an outside-the-box singer who will appeal to those who don’t usually listen to country.  His sound is somewhat melancholy and introspective; one of David’s influences is Vince Gill.       

I know what you think, here we go again
The same waste of potential that I’ve always been
I’ve been given chances and I’ve burned some bridges up
Had a million excuses why I’d self-destruct

But this time around
I’m a little more ready now
I’m a little bit older, a little more figured out
This time around
This Time Around 



This is David’s second chance in Nashville; in 2002, his debut album was NOT released by Mecury.  He took a break to coach baseball, but kept on writing songs, waiting for another try.   

In every frame
Upon our wall
Lies a face
That’ts seen it all
Through ups and downs
And then more downs
We helped each other
Off of the ground
No one knows
What we’ve
Been through
Making it
Ain’t making it
Without you
Lyrics from I’m About To Come Alive

Music Video: I’m About To Come Alive




Danielle Peck


I just heard about this NC-born singer recently.  Danielle (31) was raised in Ohio by a Marine family w/ musical talents.  She formed her own band after high school, worked as a waitress in Nashville, and wrote songs for fellow country singers before making it big herself.  Danielle’s voice is big and brassy, a bit like that of Terri Clark.   





Mica Roberts


I’ve only heard a few of her songs, BUT Mica Roberts’ voice is quite impressive and unique among the big sea of country women you hear these days.  You MUST check out her song w/ Toby!   

Things a Mama Don’t Know (duet w/ Toby Keith)




Josh Turner


This voice will melt butter, no doubt about it!  Josh Turner’s gorgeous baritone, not to mention his unassuming smile, will remind you of Randy Travis (with whom he’s performed before).  Randy has said that he’s “a big fan” of Josh.  Wow, now that’s an honor! 


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