My 1st Olympics

1988 Calgary Olympics

These were the first Olympics I ever watched!  I have a few vague memories of that time (since I was just 9).  I went to YouTube recently to look back at some programs. 

Brian Orser’s Short Program (SP)

A VERY well choreographed/fast/fun program revealing Orser’s personality, as well as skill.  He was ahead of Boitano after the SP w/ this program.

Brian Boitano’s SP

Who knew a SP could ALSO be this artistic!?

Boitano’s Long Program (LP)

This was the gold medal-winning performance choreographed by Sandra Bezic (now a NBC commentator).  As you will see, it was ALMOST flawless.  Boitano was the total package, and then some IMHO.  He created the ‘Tano lutz: a triple lutz with the left hand poised above the head.  Besides his jumps (he’s the first American to land the triple axel) and spins, Boitano had a GORGEOUS spread eagle (another one of his signature moves) and TRULY felt the music.

Orser’s LP

It was “too close,” as Orser says after he gets silver.  He was the first man to do 2 triple axels at a major competition (1987 Worlds).  Before the Brians in ’88, it wasn’t common to see 2 triple axels in one program.  They BOTH set new standards for excellence, technically and artistically.

Viktor Petrenko’s LP

An 18 y.o. Ukranian (skating for the then USSR) burst onto the world stage w/ his elegant/mature program.  Look at the height on his jumps, his beautiful lay-back spin, and posture!  GREAT things were up ahead for Petrenko…

An interview looking back at the “Battle of the Brians”

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