Casey & Lee- I love ’em both!!!

It’s now an American pastime!

If you’re NOT watching American Idol, you need to start!  (Even my mom started watching- 1st time!)  Last year was TERRIFIC on Idol (Adam’s showmanship/confidence/talent, Matt’s piano skills, Danny & Anoop’s soulfulness & personalities, etc.)  And young Allison did well, too.


Who’s ready to be a star?

Even though Adam didn’t win last season, he’s appearing everywhere and wow-ing people w/ his voice & entertaining performances.  (Yes, he is causing controversy, BUT so did Elvis & Madonna.)  I noted before that my dad said Adam “is like Elvis.”  What a compliment!

Simon thinks this year the winner “could be a girl.”  Hmmm… maybe it could be Crystal.  She is very grounded, mature, and knows what she’s good at singing.  I also like Casey (great guitar skills/good sound/confidence) & Lee (unique voice).   Casey’s voice can go country, pop, or rock.  He seems amenable to different styles.  Lee is just a great find!  When I listened to Lee’s studio sessions, I thought that this guy could be on the radio today (just as Kara said).  I hope they BOTH stay in the game!


Casey James


Lee DeWyze

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