Great Quality Products

ASSETS Fantastic Firmers Tank (by Spanx)

You can buy this affordable tank in 3 different colors (white, nude, & black) and wear it everyday, if you want.  I have a black one currently.  Don’t worry, it’s not bulky, so you can wear AFTER Winter season, too.  ASSETS line of Spanx is available at Ann Taylor Loft, Nordstrom, and Marshalls.  I didn’t know about Spanx until lately, BUT better late than never!


Donna Karan Petite Plus Tights

So, you’re not a leggy size 8.  Neither is famed fashion designer Donna Karan!  There are still tights we petite (but not skinny) gals can wear.  I bought Donna Karan Petite Plus Tights (from Nordstrom) in all available colors: gray, dark brown, and black.  They’ll be useful year round; they are also sold at a fair price.  Though I’m NO expert on tights (I rarely wear dresses/skirts), I REALLY like these!  After a while, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing tights.  I think I’m ready to dress a BIT more girly…

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