Some fans met RA at The Hobbit premiere in Wellington!  Happy Friday!  -EMMA

Me + Richard Armitage

Below, a report from Anna, one of the red carpet attendees in Wellington, of her experiences that evening:


I am one of a group of 7 who traveled to Wellington from around the world to attend the Wellington premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Most of us had never met in person before, but knew each other from various online sources — some of us tweet, others are AA or C19 forum participants. At our core were two ladies who are friends in real life, who organized tireless, and, in my case, encouraged me to come out of my shell a little.

I never expected to be someone who, in the prime of my life, would stand with friends alongside a red carpet. But I never realized how much fun it would be.

Nor had I appreciated all the consequences of wearing a t-shirt which had this…

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  1. “Thousands of fans from all over the world, alongside a huge media contingent, will be in Wellington for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’s premiere and we’ll show them all that our compact, cosmopolitan capital has to offer,” said Mayor Wade-Brown. “This is a great chance for the city to shine around the world.


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