FanstRAvaganza 4: Re-watching North & South (Episode 3)

Today is the final day of Richard Armitage week on the web.  Let’s go over key scenes in Episode 3 of North & South again. 


Mr. Thornton walks out of the Hale’s house and stops at the the end of the street, like he’s unsure of where to go next.  (Awww!)  He passes Mr. Bell, but is distracted by his strong emotions, and doesn’t return his greeting.

Another mother-son talk

Thornton is consoled by his mother.
Thornton is consoled by his mother.

No one loves me or cares for me except you, Mother.

John has a drink before he enters the parlor, then he says to his mother that she was right re: Miss Hale’s lack of feelings for him.  But he thinks he loves her more than ever.  (Wow, another great moment where we glimpse Thornton’s vulnerability!)  Mrs. Thornton shoots back that she hates Margaret (for how she rejected her son).  They decided to never talk of her again.   

Higgins vs. Boucher

They have a bad argument.  We see that Boucher is more desperate than ever, though he’s the one who started the violence (by throwing the rock that hit Margaret).  Nicholas hasn’t returned to work, unlike most of the other millworkers, staying true to his committee. 

Mr. Bell’s observations

Hah, at least one guy senses that something may be going on between Margaret and Thornton!  When he meets them on the street, he jokes around with them, though they are clearly uncomfortable.  Thornton and Margaret don’t even look at each other.  Thornton looks mad, but he keeps his gentlemanly demeanor (also in front of the Lattimers). 

A father-daughter talk

Margaret and Mr. Hale discuss Frederick and his (precarious) situation should he visit home.  However, Margaret has sent a letter (few days back) and it can’t be taken back.  The navy “spares no expense” in bringing mutineers to justice, Mr. Hale says.  His voice is full of sadness and concern.  

Bessie’s death

Mary is in tears when Margaret comes to talk with Bessie, but she is already dead.  Nicholas finally breaks down upon seeing his daughter’s dead body.  Later on, Margret brings her father to try to console Nicholas.  He rails against God and the way of the world- some are born to be masters and others “live a half-life in the shadows” (a very powerful bit of acting from Brendan Coyle).  Mr. Hale wonders if Thornton and Higgins could discuss how to improve things (foreshadowing).

The Great Exhibition

He’s very interested in the world.  Really, I know him to be.

Margaret joins Aunt Shaw, Edith, Captain and Henry Lennox at the Great Exhibition in London.  She sees Thornton giving a speech to a group of gentlemen re: machinery, workers, and strikes.  They have a little argument, pointing out that they still don’t get each other, then the others catch up to them.  (Make sure to pay attention to the wary manner in which Henry and Thornton look at each other.  Thornton’s anger is barely concealed, simmering below the surface. Henry comes off as arrogant.)   

A mother-mother talk

Mrs. Hale lies in bed and talks (very seriously) with Mrs. Thornton.  She asks Mrs. Thornton to “be kind” to Margaret and give her guidance (if needed) once she is gone.  Mrs. Thornton admits that it is difficult for her to show affection. 

More misunderstandings

Margaret turns away Mr. Thornton

I’m sorry, I thought I’d still be welcome here… despite what has passed between us.

Mr. Thornton comes to return a book of Mr. Hale’s and give Mrs. Hale a basket of fruit.  Margaret stalls for time, as can’t let him in, because Frederick is inside.  He sees a man’s bag in the doorway and hears an unfamiliar laugh upstairs.  (Thornton thinks that Margaret has a suitor.)  Mary goes inside with some stuff, since she’s helping the family out.  Before Margaret can give an explanation, Thornton quickly strides away. 

At the train station

At night, in the train station, Thornton sees Margaret embracing a man.  (Of course, he doesn’t know it’s her older brother, or that she even has a brother.)  He is shocked- the scowl is pretty major (as Fred says).  A drunk Leonards confronts Fred and they have a brief fight. 

At Mrs. Hale’s funeral

Look how Thornton’s face transforms when Mr. Bell talks of Henry and his close connection to the Hales.  (Maybe he’s wondering if Henry was the man at the station?)  Then, a young police inspector comes over to talk to Thornton (who is also a majistrate) about an important matter.  We see Leornard’s dead body.    

Aftermath of Boucher’s death

Nicholas is in tears, feeling guilty.  Mr. Hale is very pale with shock.  So, Margaret goes to tell Mrs. Boucher that her husband is dead (killed himself).  We learn that Mrs. Boucher died a few days later, leaving behind their kids.

Aftermath of Leonards’ death

To protect Fred, Margaret keeps her cool, and lies to Inspector Mason when he comes (respectfully) to question her at the house.  “I was not there,” she calmly repeats.  However, Mason has a witness who identified her by name.  There could be an official inquest, he informs her.

Thornton is amazed by Mason’s revelation

When Mason recounts this to Thornton, he is (once again) shocked.  He thinks about the matter- conflicting emotions flow across Armitage’s face.  Later that same day, Mason goes to tell Margaret that there will be no inquest.  (Thornton handled the matter.)

End of Episode 3

I hope you realize that any foolish passion for you on my part is entirely over.  I’m looking to the future.

Margaret tries to thank Thornton when he comes to read with her father, but he cuts her off.  His words are angry, but from his eyes, you can see that he desperately wants to know what happened.  Alas, Margret can’t reveal another person’s secret. 



5 thoughts on “FanstRAvaganza 4: Re-watching North & South (Episode 3)

    • Considering that most people find N&S on Netflix first, I try to get the word out that it isn’t complete.
      Wonder how many find N&S by accident….


  1. Love the Great Exhibition scene, it’s one of my added favorites (not in the book).
    Thornton’s facial reaction to Mr Bell’s mentioning Henry after the funeral is another tasty angsty tidbit that Netflix viewers will never see! (It’s one if the parts edited out.)
    Love the desperate frustration in Thornton in the ‘foolish passion’ ending. Now it’s his turn to be the liar! 😉


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