Silver Linings Playbook / Kai po che!

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Dance brings two troubled people together in this (unlikely) hit film

The silver lining is actually the fact that there is an audience for sensitive/grown-up films like this one!  Bradley Cooper (never overacting) and Jennifer Lawrence (a naturally gifted actress) fall in love, despite their respective issues (hey, we all got’em).  This is shot like a ’60s film, an avid moviegoer in my office said, with long takes.  It’s a treat to see DeNiro, who looks to be in fine form (and great shape, too).  Chris Tucker gets a few funny moments, but doesn’t overdo it.   Who says the psychological issues can’t be dealt with using humor!?  (The only odd note was the racial incident involving the therapist, his fellow Indian football fans, and some angry white guys.)  Also, there is a great interview w/ director David O. Russell on Fresh Air w/ Terry Gross (NPR) that I recommend you listen to. 

Kai po che!  (2013)

Indians going crazy for cricket (as usual)

This is a film for folks who avoid (or even abhor) typical Bollywood fare.  Why?  It’s well-acted (no joke), well-written, and just keeps your attention (watchable).  There is a bit of romance and great music, too.  It’s about three idealistic friends (more like brothers) who open a sports store in the city of Ahmedabad.  One has the business savvy, the other a passion for cricket, and the third procures a loan.  They also discover a pre-teen cricket prodigy (Muslim) who they nurture. Then, a series of (true) events occur which affect all their lives deeply.  Check this film out! 

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