Midnight’s Children (TRAILER)

I saw the film this past Saturday (National Geographic Society); it was part of DC Film Fest.  It will be in wide release (US) on Friday, April 26.

Running Time: 146 minutes

Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu

Director: Deepa Mehta (the Canadian Indian filmmaker of Bollywood Hollywood, Earth, Fire, Water, & more)


Screenwriters: Salman Rushdie (British Indian author of the novel; he also does the narration) & Mehta

Starring: Shabana Azmi (Indian; internationally-acclaimed veteran actress), Seema Biswas (Indian; co-starred in Water), Rahul Bose (Indian; indie film actor), Samrat Chakrabarti (British American actor/musician; co-starred in Season 3 of HBO’s In Treatment), Sarita Choudhury (British American; recently seen in Showtime’s Homeland), Charles Dance (British; currently seen on HBO’s Game of Thrones), Khulbushan Kharbanda (Indian veteran actor), Anupam Kher (Indian veteran actor; recently seen in Silver Linings Playbook), Zaib Shaykh (Canadian Pakistani; recently starred on Little Mosque on the Prairie), & several newcomers from the worldwide South Asian diaspora

Director of Cinematography: Giles Nuttgens (British; has worked on all of Mehta’s films)

Soundtrack Composer: Nitin Sawhney (British Indian)

Read more: Recreating Bombay’s Child: An interview with actor Satya Babha

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