Love, Whiteness, and Girls in Turbans

Love, InshAllah


Lots of things have been going down at and within the Muslim blogosphere. The recent article on Muslim men returning “back home” to find wives generated diverse cyber chatter, with various responses supporting or criticizing different positions.  On the heels of that debate, the Miptserz-coining, Somewhere in America, video featuring women  in hijabs and cool turbans skateboarding to Jay-Z generated widespread media controversy.  Again, Muslims drew well-argued lines on the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding the video’s use of hijab and contemporary representations of Muslim female identity.  In the middle of these developments, I had two appearances on NPR’s Tell Me More discussing issues around dating, race, and identity.

These events got me thinking about my own orientation to love and belonging.  This would not be page worthy except that these thoughts nudge against how I define myself as a Muslim in conjunction with a desire for…

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