Ranya Tabari Idilby: A secular Muslim-American mom

Ranya Tabari Idilby is a 1st gen Palestinian-American woman who breaks down stereotypes many Americans have about Muslims.  She considers herself a typical American and concerned mother, who is raising 2 kids in NYC with her husband.  Ranya’s father was an engineer; he met her mother b/c his company was building a road near her house (no arranged marriage).  Ranya immigrated as a young girl to McLean, VA (Fairfax County).  She became a naturalized citizen at age 21.  None of the women in her family has ever worn a headscarf (not that there’s anything wrong w/ that).  She co-authored The Faith Club with two of her Christian and Jewish friends/neighbors/fellow moms. 

Ranya Tabari Idilby on HuffPost Live
Ranya Tabari Idilby on HuffPost Live

Values are something that are values of action.

HuffPost Interview:  Her kids, 9/11 anniversary, & interfaith marriage

Before 9/11, I was an accidental Muslim. 

WNYC’s The Leonard Lopate Show interview (1/15/14)

Idilby's new book cover
Idilby’s new book cover

Diversity is a natural development within the faith.

Discussion of her new memoir Burqas, Baseball, and Apple Pie & more: CSPAN: After Words (interviewed by Daisy Khan (12/4/13)

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