Burt Lancaster Film Series (AFI Silver Spring)

Young Burt Lancaster in a publicity photo (1947)
Young Burt Lancaster in a publicity photo (1947)

As my dad once said (in Bengali): “Ki ekta beta!”  (This translates to “What a man!”  This is an exclamation of admiration for a guy who other men want to emulate.)  He “popped” (as the kids say) onscreen.  Burt Lancaster was one of Hollywood’s (unusual) leading men- stunning on the outside and able to create compelling characters from the inside. Why unusual?  He didn’t primarily rely on his looks or strong screen presence to get by;  he took on challenging anti-hero and villainous roles, too.  I believe today’s audiences will be able to connect with his work, as his method is quite modern.  The born and bred New Yorker showed a vulnerability and passion in his acting (which more stoic leading men of his generation lacked). 

Lancaster in Sweet Smell of Success (1957)
Lancaster in Sweet Smell of Success (1957)

AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center (just a few blocks from me) will be showing some of Lancaster’s films from February 7-April 17.  Below are the films that I’m most interested in. 

The Killers (with Ava Gardner) – UPDATED 2/8: Read my review! 

Criss Cross – UPDATED 2/17: Read my review!

Here is the full list of films, show times, & descriptions. 

My reviews of Lancaster’s films:

Elmer Gantry

From Here to Eternity

Trapeze & Sweet Smell of Success

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