MUST HEAR Country Songs

Almost Goodbye (Mark Chesnutt):  This is one of my all-time fave songs ever!  It’s very haunting, too.  Mark is one of the most respected men in country music; unfortunately, his voice (pure/no frills) and personality (humble/reserved) were overshadowed by Garth Brooks, who was one of the many young artists coming up in the early ’90s  (a “golden age” for country).  They both recorded Friends in Low Places, though Mark’s version is regretful, not a party anthem like Garth’s. 

Angel in Disguise (Earl Thomas Conley): This Ohio native/prolific songwriter (often deemed “the thinking man’s country singer”) went almost unnoticed as a singer after some success (mid ’70s and ’80s).  I discovered his voice and deeply personal/analytical songs last year while browsing iTunes.  Nobody else has his sound! 

Holding Her and Loving You (Earl Thomas Conley):

I’ll Think of Something (Mark Chesnutt): This is a great song, not just for the lyrics, but also in that it shows his range (voice/emotion). Mark grew up in a musical family, like Randy Travis (the Traywicks), but w/o the drama, drugs, etc.   He’s an old-school gentleman rooted in his hometown of Beaumont, TX. 

Paint Me A Birmingham (Tracy Lawrence):  I grew up with his very unique sound.  Though the Tennessee native had his success (10 albums,  17 #1 songs), Tracy (like Mark) was coming up in the same time as Garth, who had far superior marketing on his side.  This is the real deal in country music- no frills needed!

This is my fave song by Tracy; it’s also a big crowd-pleaser (as he says in interview- filmed in Tucson, no less). 

Texas Tornado (Tracy Lawrence): This song shows his range well.  There is something in his voice that is simply captivating! 

Too Cold At Home (Mark Chesnutt): This is his first #1 song. 

Check out the vid below for a mini-concert, with short interviews woven in! 

Mark & Tracy LIVE:  I just discovered this vid today- YAY!

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