Game of Thrones: Season 4, Episode 5 (“First of His Name”)

Sympathy for The Devil- err… Cersei:

GoT_S4_E5_Margaery_CerseiTommen Baratheon is crowned king in a cheerful ceremony, watched closely by mom Cersei and grandpa Tywin (actually looks happy). Margaery Tyrell looks on from a balcony; she and Tommen share a meaningful look.  Cersei notices this, and walks over to Margaery.  They have a (somewhat) pleasant convo, where it looks like a truce is reached.  Margaery acts humble/coy, saying she “hadn’t even thought of what comes next” (marrying).  Cersei says her own wedding to Loras will occur after the young couple’s.  (No wine in Cersei’s hand here.)     

Later, Tywin admits that there’s no gold in the Lannister mines to Cersei, something Tyrion and Jaime probably don’t know.  Hey, she’s getting some of the respect/trust she’s been seeking from daddy!  He mentions the Iron Bank of Braavos.  The Lannisters need the Tyrells more than ever, we realize.  (There is wine in this scene.)

GoT_S4_E5_Oberyn_CerseiCersei comes to visit Prince Oberyn Martell, who’s a bit of a poet, in one part of the royal gardens.  They talk a stroll (followed by the royal guardsmen, of course) and talk of daughters.  (FYI: Oberyn’s got 8 of them!)  Cersei clearly misses Myrcella, who Tyrion arrranged to be sent to Dorne more than a year ago. (I presume that she’s been promised to one of Oberyn’s nephews.)   The queen points out a beautiful ship that was commissioned for her daughter, who “loves the water.”  The wow moment occurs when Cersei corrects Oberyn: “Everywhere in the world they hurt little girls” (so true, and one of the themes of this entire series). 

Lena Headey is wearing less makeup and more simple, sedate colored clothing.  Her face is serious, set w/ worry at times, while resigned to her fate at others.  Joffrey’s death has taken it’s toll for sure.  She has some of the best lines, too!

On the road w/ Arya and The Hound:

GoT_S4_E5_AryaArya is saying her prayer (names of all her enemies) while The Hound tries to sleep.  She’s solely focused on revenge.  The wow moment:  She names him, too!  Early the next morning, The Hound knocks her down while she’s practicing the “waterdancing” taught to her by Syrio Forel (a fan fave).  He proclaims that Ser Mandon was able to kill Syrio b/c he had “armor and a big sword.”  Arya needs to learn to fight dirty.

Littlefinger proves that “a very small man can cast a very big shadow”: 

Yes, I know Varys said that line to Tyrion (Season 2), but don’t forget that Lord Petyr Baelish is also a “small man.”  He’s from a “minor house” and grew up w/ Catelyn (his first love) and her younger sis, Lysa (who becomes his wife in this ep).  When Brandon Stark (Ned’s older bro) came to claim Cat as his bride, Littlefinger fought him, and was badly wounded.  Now, we see that Lysa is crazy about him- ugh!  She’s also insanely jealous, as we learn in that tense scene w/ Sansa.  

GoT_S4_E5_SansaHe [Littlefinger] comes from no strong lineage, with no family to support him or noble deeds to give him claim to glory, and so he has had to toil for everything he’s ever earned.  He is the first of his name in a different way [than Tommen], in that he is the first member of his family to be Machiavellian enough to angle his way into a position of power, providing the foundation for a legacy of his own moving forward.  -Myles McNutt (Cultural Learnings blog)

The wow moment: When Lysa (Kate Dickie) passionately embraces Littlefinger, asking “what wife would’ve trusted you as much as I’ve trusted you?”  We (finally) learn that her hubby, Jon Arryn (Hand of King Robert), was poisoned by herself at the request of Littlefinger (“we had a wedding night years ago, remember?”)  Shudder! 

And poor Sansa- what’s going to happen to her now!?  Oh yeah, she’s to be her (crazy) cousin Robin’s bride.  Shudder!  Also, can anyone in Westeros have a normal marriage!?GoT_S4_E5_Lysa_Littlefinger
Dany and Ser Jorah have a serious talk: 

Finally, a meaty scene w/ Jorah (Iain Glen)- yay!   I’m glad she’s listening to Jorah’s advice again.  He tells the khaleesi what’s up in Slaver’s Bay (democracy is not going smoothly, as she’s imagined).  Dany decides that she will rule, as queens do. 

Emilia Clarke is owning this role; I’m liking her more and more with each ep of this season (took me a while, I know).  Dany seems wiser, too.  Some viewers want more of the Dany story, like more large fight scenes, but I’m sure HBO’s budget won’t allow for more.   

On the road again… w/ Brienne and her trusty squire, Podrick:

Brienne and Pod provided some (much-needed) humor in this ep!  He can’t ride a horse very well, forgets to skin the rabbit before roasting it, but gains some respect after recounting the tale of how he saved his former master, Tyrion, from being killed by one of the Kingsguard at Blackwater Bay.  Finally, Brienne lets Pod help her take off her armor.  

Burning down the house (Craster’s Keep):


Meera was saved from being raped, thanks to Jon and his small band of men from the Night’s Watch.  Bran was almost reunited w/ his half-bro!  Oh well, Bran has more to do (as we learn from Jojen’s vision).  Locke got hold of Bran, but the boy entered Hodor’s mind and used his big/powerful body to kill the Bolton bannerman. 

It was good to see Jon fighting after some time, though Karl Tanner was close to killing him.  One of Crastor’s daughter-wives helped him out, thank the old gods and the new!  Jon didn’t fight dirty, until the very end.  Craster’s Keep was destroyed, though the women didn’t want to go to Castle Black.  They’ll try and make their own way (unlike the slaves that Dany freed).  Fans were esp. happy to see Jon reunited w/ his direwolf, Ghost.  

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