Being Mary Jane: Season 3 (Episodes 1 & 2)

SPOILERS: Don’t read this review if you have not yet seen or don’t want to know details from the BET series Being Mary Jane. 

Episode 1: Facing Fears

Mary Jane accidentally hears David and Lisa at the end of Season 2.

We see Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle Union) getting wheeled into the ER after the (cliffhanger) car accident at the end of S2.  The BEST part of the ep comes early when Mary Jane’s dad, Paul Sr. (Richard Roundtree), punches David (Stephen Bishop) in the face (LOVED IT)!  The Pattersons now know that David was cheating w/ Lisa (Latarsha Rose), MJ’s oldest friend and a surrogate daughter to the family. 

David tries to explain/apologize to the Pattersons in the hospital.

In the cafeteria, Helen (Margaret Avery), pointedly asks Lisa about her relationship w/ David- AWKWARD (yet it comes off VERY well from the viewpoint of her tough-love/straight-forward character.  Remember how Lisa spent time w/ Helen in S1 (watching their fave TV show)?  And also how she cared for Niecy during her two pregnancies? 

The woman that collided w/ Mary Jane, Cece (Loretta Devine) is simply a delight (or should I use her term- “blessing?”)   Suffice it to say, Cece is a hustler who will NOT go quietly!  We learn about her smarts in the meeting at SNC, then later at MJ’s house (bold move there).

P.J. (B.J. Britt) comes over to see MJ; they have a GREAT convo re: black men, black women, standards, and David (specifically).  MJ tells him that she wants what their parents have (awww)!  I also LOVED thos scene; P.J. “dropped some truth” (as the commentators on Afterbuzz TV said).

Patrick (Richard Brooks) drives Lisa over- it’s too soon for MJ.  But she goes outside and they have (yet another) difficult convo.  MJ admits that she didn’t want to communicate w/ Lisa b/c that would’ve brought up HER own issues!  They’ve grown apart in the last year, b/c Lisa was jealous of what David (who she’d met first, then been friends w/) and MJ had.

Episode 2: Louie, Louie

This ep is like a “homage to her baseball bat” (Afterbuzz TV).  It also brings up some (serious) questions: Does MJ have a drinking problem?  Is it to the point where she’s an alcoholic?  (Niecy brought it up toward the end of S2.)

Kara (Lisa Vidal) covers up the mirror, then stays overnight in MJ’s hospital room.  (Their alliance/friendship is one of the BEST things about the show!)

Cece makes a (surprise) visit to Mary Jane’s house.

The Latino population is growing FAST, as the rep from the The National Council of La Raza tells Greg.  A new/younger gal, Marisol, has been brought in to sub for MJ, which causes MJ to feel pity for herself (yeah, she’s got SOME entitlement issues).

It’s already been brought!  -MJ declares to Cece (This is a callback to Union’s role on the teen comedy Bring It On.) 

While Marisol is on, Cece comes by and they have a battle of wit/words.  MJ calls her a “lazy negro”- she wants to extort money from MJ (even after getting $100,000 from SNC).

I LOVED how Patrick asked Paul (finally) for help- his father gets choked up w/ emotion.  When the others leave the room, Niecy (quietly/sadly) asks Patrick why wasn’t he there for her and Naima (her older sister who was engaged to be married in S2).  Niecy just keeps growing on me (I did NOT like her much when I started watching this show).

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