2016 AFI Latin American Film Festival: Magallanes (Peru)

In modern-day Lima, middle-aged Harvey Magallanes (Damian Alcazar) works as a driver for his former commanding officer, the wheelchair-bound Colonel (Frederico Luppi), who has lost his memory.  He spends the rest of the day as a taxi driver and drinking w/ Army buddy/mechanic, Milton.   

One morning, he picks up a harried/young/indigenous woman in his cab- Celina (Magaly Solier).  Magallanes is VERY shaken up, looking upset; it turns out that she doesn’t recognize him.  He follows Celina to a convention, learning that she needs money for her hair salon.  After talking to Milton and his reluctant sister, Magallanes sees an opportunity to make some easy money.  WHAT is his connection to Celina?  WHY does he look so guilty?  This film starts out slow (it’s a character drama for the most part), then eventually builds to an (VERY un-Hollywood) climax, which will totally change your view of the protagonist!          

The brilliance of the story is that we find ourselves pulling for Magallanes right up until the moment when we can’t possibly forgive him his transgressions … any more than Celina can. More than an example of the jumbled mess of war and terrorists, the film is a wonderful observation of human nature and how we often rationalize our worst actions to the point of delusion of our own goodness. No matter how hard we try to put things behind us, the bad choices are always there. Some sins just cannot be washed away, and redemption is not always possible.

-Comment from IMDB

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