Miss Bennet Christmas at Pemberley (NOW PLAYING)

Droll and delicious, Miss Bennet Christmas at Pemberley is a charming, confectionary celebration of fan favorite characters from Pride and Prejudice, multi-generationally honoring the legacy of Jane Austen’s humor, playfulness and wit in a warm-spirited holiday theatrical production. –Gia Jun, DCMetroTheater Arts.com

This holiday tale is a MUST-SEE for Jane Austen fans in the metro DC area!  It can be seen until DEC 23rd at the Round House Theatre in Bethesda, MD.  My parents and I went last SUN afternoon; it was one of their pay what you can (PWYC) performances.  The fun, yet still true to the spirit of Austen, story was written by Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon (two friends/collaborators who have many works under their belts individually). There is only one set, BUT it has sections where various actions takes place.  The costumes look true to the times and very beautiful.    

The time is two years after the end of Pride and Prejudice.  A Christmas tree (a spruce) has been brought inside the house by an excited Elizabeth, which is (at first) quite surprising to the more traditional Mr. Darcy.  It’s a new German custom, she explains, and he quickly agrees that it should stay in the main drawing room. We learn that eldest Bennett sister, Jane, and the still-doting Mr. Bingley (Brandon McCoy, Eli from The Who and The What) are soon to be parents.  Vivacious youngest sis Mrs. Lydia Wickham is ALSO spending this Christmas at Pemberley (oh boy, watch out)! 

Mary, the middle sister of the Bennett family, has grown into quite an young lady.  She is intelligent, VERY observant, and brings interesting points to every conversation.  Lately, Mary has been wondering about her future life, aside from her pianoforte and the books in her father’s library.  However, her choices are limited in this time/society! 

Vaughan’s Arthur is a bumbling scene-stealer, emerging despite his endearing social awkwardness as a young man of principle and deep feeling. His partner in earnest geekiness is Kleiger’s Mary, possessed of a disciplined mind and a restless heart.  -Jayne Blanchard, DCTheaterScene.com

We are introduced to Arthur (a new character, NOT found in Austen) who is the nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh and cousin to Mr. Darcy.  Arthur is a 25 y.o. who studies at Oxford and is NOT the best at socializing.  Mary and Arthur seem like they could be a great couple!  However, there are a FEW obstacles to overcome first.   

Follow the link below to learn more!


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