“Star Trek”: Must-See Episodes of The Original Series

This is a list I compiled after reading many comments (IMDB and YouTube), listening to a few podcast episodes (focused on ST universe), and (of course) considering what I liked best. As w/ much of episodic TV, you don’t need to watch these in order. This should be helpful to those viewers who are not so familiar w/ TOS, but would like to start watching (or perhaps re-watching after many years). FYI: I watched the (remastered special effects) eps on Netflix first 6 years ago, then also over the past 2 months (during quarantine- when stuck at home). Enjoy, leave a comment, & stay safe!

Season 1

The Naked Time

The Corbomite Maneuver

Balance of Terror


Tomorrow is Yesterday

Space Seed

This Side of Paradise

The Devil in the Dark

Errand of Mercy

The City on the Edge of Forever

Season 2

Amok Time

Mirror, Mirror

The Doomsday Machine

Journey to Babel

The Trouble with Tribbles

A Piece of the Action

The Ultimate Computer

Season 3

The Enterprise Incident

Day of the Dove

The Tholian Web

3 thoughts on ““Star Trek”: Must-See Episodes of The Original Series

  1. So essentially you’d recommend more than a quarter of the episodes — that’s not bad for any TV series. I think we often think of all the schlock in that show, esp the third season, but it really had many excellent moments and they were not rare overall.

    “City on the Edge of Forever” is always rated the best or one of the best and I’ve never understood that.


    • For the 1st 2 wks of quarantine, I was re-watching a LOTTA Jane Austen stuff (via Fb grps), BUT then got back into TOS! It’s helping me deal w/ quarantine- honestly.


      • I totally get it — there’s a channel here that shows one episode per night, each, of TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. I tune in as often as I can. But quarantine has also rather strengthened my Bagginshield addiction.

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